Rubber track tractor

New to the agricultural sector is the rubber track tractor. This vehicle is distinguished by its covers. They are different from traditional steel ones, enabling it to increase its tractive force and maneuverability. They are also ideal for working in difficult terrain and critical practicability conditions.

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rubber track tractor

Rubber track tractor

The rubber tracked agricultural tractor is an innovative and versatile vehicle. Thanks to its features, it ensures great efficiency. At the same time, it does not give up the safety of both the ground and those operating it. This tractor can be used in various sectors such as agriculture, construction and pipeline (pipeline grizzly).

Rubber tracks give safety to those manoeuvring them. They are capable of travelling long distances on asphalt and ensure agile movement of the vehicle. On the ground, on the other hand, they operate with less pressure and at the same time have a higher traction capacity.

In simple terms, tractors with this type of track:

  • They have greater grip on fragile ground as they exert less pressure on it.
  • There is a higher level of cushioning compared to steel ones.
  • The tractor has high traction. Trampling of the ground is avoided, limiting damage.
  • The double support of the tracks on the ground allows the tractor to be stable without the danger of tipping over. This is important when working on steep slopes.

Tractor maintenance

Having a tracked vehicle means making sure, after each use, that the parts that enable traction and anchorage to the ground are in excellent condition.

The rubber tracked tractor is characterised by the easy maintenance of the tracks.

Firstly, the covers must be monitored. This is to prevent wear and tear or damage, so cleaning them from stones and earthy residues is recommended. They can be removed manually or using water, avoiding aggressive or flammable products. 

Secondly, maintaining a healthy tracked vehicle means checking the tension of the tracks often. It must be ensured that the tracks are not overstretched, as this hardness can cause wear on the catenaries during operation. A correct tension is one in which the track is aligned. This is without appearing either tight or loose and with a softer flex between the front and back.

When to choose it?

The rubber crawler tractor is the most popular in modern agriculture because of its high speed, versatility and ability to drive on normal roads. It is suitable for various sectors, but is most used in the agricultural sector. The rubber track tractor is ideal during the fruit and vegetable harvesting periods, especially during the grape harvest. It also provides greater traction and is therefore excellent on steep slopes as it provides greater safety. Finally, it is perfect in residential areas because it is quieter than a tractor with steel tracks.

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