Our Grizzly: innovative rubber tracked tractors

GFB Mechanical Forge is a metal carpentry that supplies accessories and equipment for pipeline machinery support. What we are proud of the most is our Grizzly, an innovative and versatile rubber tracked tractor. Different models of this product are available, depending on the kind of employ it is used for.

Grizzly JL70

This tractor is designed and built to perform shed positioning operations with the relative equipment. The use of the machine for purposes other than those expressly indicated is configured as improper use. The manufacturer does not assume liability for damage to the appliance resulting from improper connection work; in such a case thewarranty becomes null and void. This machine has rubber tracks which cause minimal damage to the ground. It is also characterized by high traction and easy maintenance.

Grizzly JL 65

Grizzly JL 65 is a very flexible and innovative machine. Depending on the kind of equipment chosen, it can be employed in different fields, such ad agricolture, building and pipeline. Overturning proof thanks to double stand on the ground. Tractor can be equipped as a real itinerant forge, capable of transporting any kind of equipment. It has a 6500 kg capacity crowd and a powerful IVECO engine.

Grizzly JL 80

GRIZZLY JL 80 MULTIPURPOSE machine is designed and built for the transport of bulk materials and equipments, such as tank, generator, suitably rigidly fixed to a metal base to be anchored to the platform by means of four twist locks. The vehicle is also equipped with a hydraulically operated front blade. Machine for uses other than those expressly indicated by the manufacturer as well as the use of materials other than those expressly indicated, are configured as improper use.

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