Metal bending and curving

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For more than a century in the field of iron and metal, thanks to the evolution of technologies, techniques have been handed down from father to son. However, it is not a simple handover, but a cultural heritage that is passed down from generation to generation,

GFB Fucina Meccanica focuses on professionalism and expertise. Established in the metal carpentry industry, it provides the accessories and equipment to support pipeline machinery.

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Heat bending

First of all, the bending and folding of pipes is done by deformation of a profile with a tight bending radius. It can vary in relation to the pipe diameter, from a minimum to a maximum while maintaining a ratio of about 1.5 times to 5.

Stainless steel tube bending, as well as copper tube bending and copper tube curving, is done through specific processing techniques that allow bending of small-diameter tubes to large diameters.

Pipe bending techniques date back more than a century, but have evolved considerably over the years.

Specific machines, called tube benders, are used to achieve this type of metalworking. The metal tube is given the required bending angle through matrices.

Tube bending and calendering machines of relatively recent invention, allow for the calendering of rectangular, square and profile shaped tubulars as well, unlike in the past when the processes were limited to round shaped steel tubes only.

Cold pipe forming once found use both in agriculture, construction (building sites) and also in furniture, although, in this case, to a lesser extent.

Currently metal pipe bending of this type can be realized:

  • copper
  • steel
  • brass
  • aluminum
  • iron
pipe bending machine

Tube curving

The metals that can be processed by bending and curving are many, including stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum.

The activity of metal pipe fabrication is of great use, especially for some industries that need custom structures and metal accessories, including:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • for the forestry sector;
  • for the food industry;
  • with a focus on accessories and equipment to support pipeline machinery;