Why choose stellar internal couplers?

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What is a star coupler?

The star coupler is a piece of equipment intended to couple the headers of two successive pipelines. They will remain firmly in place during the welding process. Welding is a process for joining two components. It needs to be precise and stable for the components to be functional, so there is a need for aligners also called couplers. 

There are several types of couplers, including:

  • Lightweight exteriors with manual closure
  • heavyweight exteriors with pump lock
  • stellar interiors with manual handling 
  • stellar interiors with cart/wheel handling

Using them is definitely the quickest, easiest and most stable solution for aligning two tube components before welding. The Star Coupler with Wheel Handling is a piece of equipment consisting of two opposing spokes (two stars) equipped at the ends of the spokes with adjustable heads.

The Star Aligners with Manual Handling

Star Aligners with Manual Handling are available in sizes ranging from 20″ to 56″. The maximum footprint is approximately equal to its nominal size, for a width of about 300 mm; the weight ranges from 50 to 135 daN. Their weight is low because of this, the band can be handled manually. But in case it is necessary to use lifting means, it is sufficient to attach it by lifting band at any point on the frame.  The capacity of the lifting means should be at least twice the weight of the coupler to ensure its safe handling and positioning. 

In order to use it :

  • Position the aligner at the joint to be welded 
  • Using the heads, adjust the operating size of each coupler star to match the inside diameter of the pipe
  • Insert the two stars inside the two pipes: one star for each pipe

It is very important to check the wear and functionality of the adjustable heads weekly, and to keep an eye on various abnormalities.

That’s why to choose this model, they are easy to use, are not removed during welding, comply with the provisions of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Directive 2014/30/EU, 100% Weldability.

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