Hose clamps for automatic welding

GFB Fucina Meccanica is an emilian company specialized in metal carpentry. It produces and supplies essential equipments in this field, under the guidance of Boccacci brothers. Today, GFB is leader in metalworking: it collaborates with the main italian companies of this sector, which have chosen our firm for its competence, as well as for the numerous certifications it obtained.

Today, we are a professionale and reliable supplier. We works with the main Italian companies in the sector, which have chosen us for our expertise as well as for the numerous certifications we have obtained. 

Over the years, the company strongly specialized in metalworking, producing highly innovative and technological machinery and tools, such as the Grizzly rubber crawler tractor, one of a kind.

Our company also produces joints, welding boxes, sheds and hose clamp for automatic welding. The latter, in particular, is fundamental in the welding process because it is used to keep the head of pipes together. Hose clamps also keep the pipes to be welded in position. It guarantees a successfull operation.

The hose clamps are made of calendered, harmonic sheet and a hook for manual closing. It is, in fact, a product designed to be handled manually.