The band for automatic welding, available in sizes from 12 “to 56”, henceforth also simply band, is an equipment designed to couple the heads of two successive pipes, keeping them in place during the automatic welding process.

The fascia is basically made up of a calendered harmonic steel sheet, equipped with a manual closing hook and a series of adjustable spacers to center diametrically on the pipes.

The edges of the band act as a guide for the mobile equipment for automatic welding. The maximum overall dimensions vary from about 410mm, for the 12 “coupler, to 1,480mm for the 56” one, for a width of about 160mm; the weight varies from about 5 to 20 daN.

The Fascia is configured as a manual equipment, operated manually, which can be moved manually.


Given its low weight, the Band can be moved manually.
If it is appropriate or necessary to move it with the help of lifting means, it is sufficient to hook it by means of a lifting strap in any point of the frame itself. 

The grip must be carried out with a suitable band. The capacity of the lifting means must be at least double the weight of the Sling to ensure handling and positioning in absolute safety.


  1. Position the band in correspondence with the joint to be welded;
  2. Wrap the joint and close the Band;
  3. Lock the hook in the closed position by also adjusting the continuity of the toothing on the edge of the band. In other words, it is necessary to avoid losing the pitch in the toothing in correspondence with the closure;
  4. Install the welding equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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Operation Weekly Monthly Half-yearly
Visually check the Band by checking for any presence of anomalies or obvious defects on the edges, toothed or not, and in the locking system 40 ore 160 ore 960 ore


  • Maximum footprint 410mm for the 12 “couple .
  • Maximum dimensions 1,480mm for the 56 “one
  • Width of about 160mm
  • The weight varies from about 5 to 20 daN.