Hose clamp for
automatic welding


Hose clamp for automatic welding, available from 12″ to 56″, in an instrument earnmarked to pair head pipes, keeping them blocked and in position while welding.  

The hose clamp is composed of an armonic, calended metal sheet ad a hook with manual closure. It has also a bunch of adjustable spacers, used to diametrically be centered on the pipes. 

Hose clamp’s border work as guides for automatic welding mobile equipment  

The maximum amount of space is 410mm for 12″ coupling, while 1.480mm is for the 56″ coupling. 

Both couplings have the same width: 160mm, while the weight goes from 5 to 20 daN.

The hose clamp is a manual actioned gear. 


Considering his weight, the hose clamp can be moved manually.

If necessary, it can be moved by using lifting equipments. In this case, it is possible to hook the hose clamp to any point of the frame. 

Grip must be done  with a suitable hose clamp. Lifting device’s capacity must be at least twice the hose clamp one, to provide the best handling in total safety. 

INstruction for use

  1. Put the Hose Clamp in correspondence of the junction you want to weld;
  2. Wrap the junction and close the hose clamp;
  3. Lock the hook in the closure, adjusting the serration on the hose clamp’s side. It must be avoid to loss the circular pitch, in correspondence of the closure. 
  4. Install welding equipments, following instruction;


Quotation by request 
Price and sales list are available contacting our Commercial Office


Operation Weekly Monthly Semiannual
Check the hose clamps, verifying eventual problems or evident defect on the sides and the locking system 40 hours 160 hours 960 hours

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  • Ingombro massimo 410mm per l’accoppiatore da 12″
  • Ingombro massimo  1.480mm per quello da 56″
  • Larghezza di circa 160mm
  •  Il peso varia da circa 5 a 20 daN.