Grizzly JL70


GRIZZLY JL70 machine is designed and built to perform shed positioning operations with the relative equipment. The machine application for purposes other than those expressly indicated, is configured as improper use. Therefore the manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage caused to people and things and considers all warranties on the system and the machines supplied to be void.


  • When the engine is running, no one should be in the operating area
  • During refueling, maintenance or repair operations, stop the engine unless it is necessary to start it to make adjustments
  • Before starting the engine, make sure the transmission is in neutral and the brake is applied
  • Before starting, make sure that all controls and functions of the appliance are functional 
  • Maintain a safe operating distance between the machine and other personnel 
  • Repair or report any machine malfunctions
  • Do not use a high speed descent
  • Park on level ground
  • Comply with all regulations

Technical Data

Width (mm) 2500
Height (mm) 3113
Length (mm) 6482
Weight (kg) 10000
Hydraulic brake width pattini Idraulici (mm) 600
Translation speed (Kg/h) 10

Gallery Grizzly JL70

  • Rubber tracks cause minimal damage to fragile ground
  • “Boogie” type track rollers
  •  High traction
  •  Easy Maintenance