Grizzly JL80


GRIZZLY JL 80 MULTIPURPOSE machine is designed and built for the transport of bulk materials and equipments, such as tank, generator, suitably rigidly fixed to a metal base to be anchored to the platform by means of four twist locks.

Machine for uses other than those expressly indicated by the manufacturer as well as the use of materials other than those expressly indicated, are configured as improper use. Therefore the manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage caused to people and things and considers any warranty on the system to be null and void on the supplied machines. 


  • Check the ground is flat with a slope not exceeding the maximum allowed by the machine
  • Check that the transportable load is compatible (dimensions and weight) with the technical characteristics of the machine
  • Upload the box
  • Drive your car to your destination
  • Make sure no one stops or walks in the work area
  • Tilt the load by acting on the manipulator (D)

Technical Data

width (mm) 2500
Height (mm) 3113
Length (mm) 6482
Weight (kg) 10000
Hydraulic brake wight (mm) 700
Power (KW) 151
Translation speed (Kg/h) 10

Gallery Grizzly JL80

  • Hydraulically operated front blade
  • Tractor body for the transport of bulk materials and work equipment
  • Rubber tracks with minimum damage to the ground