GFB: Welding processes guaranteed, certification proof!

GFB: Welding processes guaranteed, certification proof!

Bureau Veritas Italia Spa has certified that the G.F.B. SRL complies with the requirements of the “UNI EN ISO 3834-2: 2006” standard: “Quality requirements for melting welding of metallic materials“.

The certification dictates the fundamental criteria to be followed to assess the quality of the welding processes, both in workshop and in the construction site. The certification body is responsible for verifying the correct application of welding technical aspects.

The main requirements reviewed in the standard are:

  • Ensure the competence of the company and an appropriate control of the welding process and demonstrate the ability to manufacture products of specified quality;
  • Guarantee the compliance of the products with the prescribed quality requirements;
  • Ensure that the artifact’s construction is in accordance with the provisions of the project;
  • Ensure the stages of production take place both in the safety of those who work there and of the users;
  • Use appropriate techniques in order to guarantee the products’ quality.

The primary aim is to ensure the manufacturer’s ability to provide a compliant welding. And GFB S.r.l. can claim its title of “certified company” also in this field, proving that it has developed the right expertise in iron and metal processing for decades.

Rely on us for a guaranteed, safe and passionately worked product!