Our couplers: all models

Couplers are devices used to quickly align two pipe components prior to welding. There are different types of couplings: the first distinction that can be made is that between lightweight and heavy couplers with manual closing.

Of the first version, the most common type is the one that has arched cross-arched bars to allow a 90 ° circumferential welding, without having to remove the coupler. They are available in sizes ranging from 4 ” to 16 ”.

Heavy couplers with manual closure, on the other hand, have a pump closing and allow precise alignment of the pipe without removing the coupler itself. They are available in sizes ranging from 18 ” to 56 ”.

There is also another version of couplers: that of stellar couplers, which in turn are divided into couplers with wheeled and manual handling.

Stellar Couplers

Internal stellar couplers with handling with wheels is a piece of equipment designed to couple the heads of two successive tubes, holding them in place during the welding process. It consists of two opposite rays (two stars), supplied with adjustable heads lower extremities. The Star Couplers with wheels are available in sizes ranging from 20 ” to 56 ”. Their maximum dimensions are approximately equal to their nominal size, for a width of about 300 mm; the weight varies from about 50 to 135 daN. Capacity of the lifting means must be at least twice the weight of the Coupler to ensure handling and positioning in absolute safety.

The one with manual handling meets the same needs as the previous one and is available in the same formats. However, compared to the coupler with wheels handling, the low weight of this model allows for manual handling. However, if necessary, it is possible to move the band by hooking it to any point of the frame itself.

All our products are easy to use and comply with the provisions of the machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and Directive 2014/30 / EU.