GFB – The couplings for welding

The welding is a procedure that allows you the irreversible union of two components: it is necessary that two part are welded with precision to make it work this connection. This process is easy with tubes of small size, but this process becomes more difficult when when the diameter of the tube increases. 

To maintain the proximity between two pipelines and to increase the efficiency of production is convenient use a mechanical device designed specifically for this purpose. 

The Couplings are a solution fast, simple and stable to align two tube components before welding. They guarantee to the worker a help about the working quality and about saving of time

There are different types and the division takes place mainly on the basis of their position: there are couplings internal and external, dependent on their position inside or outside the tube to be welded.


  • Light external couplings with manual closing: they are equipped with arc cross bars that allow you a circumferential welding of 90° without removal; 
  • Heavy external couplings with closing with pump; 
  • Stellar internal couplings with manual handling: used to join the heads of two successive pipes and hold them steady during the welding process, these aligners are made up of two opposite beams having, at the ends of the adjustable heads; 
  • Stellar internal couplings with movement on wheels. 


If you need to have in the your company equipment like to these described above, GFB Fucina Meccanica is a specialized activity in the production and marketing of tube couplers. Our workers are qualified and they will be able to advise you the most suitable solution for your needs: GFB is a leader in the area of realization of pipelines and iron and metal working for industrial carpentry.