GFB: Safety at work above all else!

GFB: Safety at work above all else!

OHSAS 18001: 2007is an international standard for the management of Health and Safety of workers, designed to achieve risk prevention and to constantly increase safety and health in the workplace.

Bureau Veritas Italia Spa has released this certificate to GFB S.r.l., certifying and guaranteeing the organization’s commitment to responsible management of the Health and Safety of its employees and therefore of a peaceful and protected work environment.

The main requirements reviewed in the standard are:

  • involve staff, with training and consultation courses;
  • pay attention to the privacy: the certification bodies are called to examine also the compliance of the data protection systems;
  • monitor the procedures for the activities exposed to risks, in order to adopt suitable measures to identify and prevent possible accidents and emergencies;
  • guarantee the systematic and periodic checks of the management system, in order to reduce risks and dangers associated with the activities that involve structures and infrastructures;
  • regularly monitor safety performance;
  • benefit from the support of a professional, impartial and independent partner, with expert auditors in the international field.

In view of a public opinion increasingly sensitive to the issues of safety and health at work, GFB Fucina Meccanica guarantees, with the release of this important certification, to fully meet the requirements of safety and responsibility.

Trust the professionalism of GFB Fucina Meccanica: for us, safeguarding the company’s assets comes first!