GFB Fucina Meccanica: our certifications

GFB Fucina Meccanica is a certified firm in Parma’s province. It is also a brand that over the years has managed to obtain various certifications that guarantee the quality of its work.

We are specialized in metal processing and we produced advanced and innovative technologies in the field of the metallic carpentry. The value of our brand is demonstrated by our workers and their knowledge of this field. A craft handed down from a generation to another, from an hand to another. 

Year by year, we improved our processing techniques with new informations and advanced technologies that we have today. In fact, thanks to its skill and the recognized quality of its equipment , GFB works in 15 different countries.

Safety and qualifying certifications are really what give value to our work. GFB Fucina Meccanica obtained five certifications that recognized our firm as a professional ad reliable brand.

The last one has been achieved in 2018 and it is the ISO 45001. This certification sets health and safety standard. In our firm, metallic carpentry production uses pipe cold cutting and laser cutting process, welding and drilling, with minimum risk for workers.

All our certifications:

ISO 9001 defines the quality requirements in the management of an organization, by reviewing all the functional areas and related processes;

– UNI EN ISO 3834 dictates the fundamental criteria to be followed to evaluate the quality of welding processes;

EN 1090-2:2008 concerns the conformity assessment of factory production control of structural components in steel and aluminum;

OHSAS 18001:2007 ensures compliance with requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems;