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EN 1090-2: 2008 + A1: 2011 CERTIFICATION

The Harmonized Standard EN 1090-2, better known as “Execution and design of steel and aluminum structures”, is aimed at all those companies that place structural metal products on the market.

The field of application of this certification turns out to be quite vast and includes steel and aluminum components used for:

  • sheds
  • frames for residential buildings or offices
  • steel and concrete bridges
  • viaducts
  • pylons
  • stadium
  • large exhibition spaces

The elements can be used in the works or be incorporated into them after assembly.

In this sense, this standard specifies:

  • the requirements for the execution of steel structures or manufactured components produced from hot rolled, cold formed sheets, austenitic, austenitic-ferritic and hot and cold formed ferritic products, cables with hot and cold profiling cables produced by welding
  • use in grades of structural steel up to and including S960
  • requirements independent of the type of steel structure, including those subject to seismic actions
  • compliance with other design standards, provided that the original requirements are respected
  • he non-coverage of the requirements for watertightness or resistance to air permeability of the coating

OBTAIN THE EN 1090-2: 2008 + A1: 2011 CERTIFICATION

Annex ZA.2 to the EN 1090-2 Standard defines the tasks of the Manufacturer and the Notified Body for certification purposes.

  • the Manufacturer carries out a systematic control of its production by carrying out tests on product samples
  • the Notified Body certifies compliance with standards
  • following the Certificate of conformity, the Manufacturer signs a declaration of performance which, together with the certificate, allows the affixing of the CE marking
  • the Manufacturer can affix the CE marking on its products and put them on the market
  • the Certification Body carries out periodic system maintenance checks


GFB Fucina Meccanica has obtained this certification because it fully meets the requirements of the standards listed above. Obtaining this important recognition (and certification for internal design) certifies that GFB Fucina Meccanica is a real guarantee in the field of metalworking, since it follows high-level production standards, putting the safety of its manufacturing at the center and especially of the customers who will use them.

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