GFB – All new arrivals in 2019


If you work in the world of pipeline, agriculture and construction, you know how difficult is to move without problems or to carry the material without difficulty. In 2007, we created a Grizzly, a crawler tractor in rubber that has proved to be a valuable ally in several of environment of work. 

We have analysed needs of clients and we have followed the last innovation, in these years we have worked to make efficiency and personality. Nowadays, the our Grizzly JL65 is versatile because it can be used in many areas; efficiency because makes it easy to move around difficult lands; practical because it allows you to replace different fittings. 

NEWS 2019

In these years different companies have brought with them our Grizzly around the world. In 2019, to improve its performance, we will show a set of news. For example: 

  • The undercarriage will become interchangeable and will allow you to easily switch from rubber tracks to iron tracks.
  • Will be possible a enlargement from 2,500 to 3,000 millimetres. 
  • We will offer the possibility to choose the movement with remote control. 


The Grizzly JL65 has a carrying capacity of 6500 kg. Its double support on the ground avoids tipping over and hydrostatic transmission (H.S.T.) allows you to adjust the forward speed with the joystick. The Grizzly JL65 has an IVECO engine, model STAGE IV, that decreases polluting emissions because the our Grizzly cares about the environment.  

Furthermore respects lands on which it passes with rubber tracks of the Boogie type and it offers an incomparable operating capacity on weak lands. 

Are there slippery lands? No problem! Interchangeability is one of the strengths of Grizzly JL65. It allows you to pass easily from rubber tracks to tracks of iron and it adapts to all type of land. 

One of Grizzly’s greatest strengths is the possibility of personalization. The Grizzly is not a standard tractor, but it is a tractor that can be adapted to needs of everyone. Do we give any example? If you work in the agricultural’ s world, we can realize for you  a shelf that allows you to move the wood. If you work in construction’ s world the shelf allows you to move gravel rapidly. About the world of pipeline, the possibility of personalization increases. The Grizzly can become a travelling workshop with welding machines, with generator, with air compressor, with crane and leads. We offer to you the possibility to insert the pre-heating caliper. Finally, the our Grizzly JL65 can turn into a small bus: with our iron holders moving in group is no a problem! Cabins have a minimum capacity of 12 people, but they are able to accommodate 40 workers. Are you curious to know more? CLICK HERE AND CONTACT US!