Certifications constitute an integral part of a serious and
reliable company, able to guarantee the final work.

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ISO 9001 certification defines the quality requirements in the management of an organization, by reviewing all the functional areas and related processes. It is used both in private sectors, such as agriculture, and in public ones, as forestry, to increase the confidence in products and services provided by companies, in business-to-business relations between business partners, in suppliers’ choice in the management of distribution chains and in the selection of participants for tenders’ calls. GFB has succeeded in obtaining this important quality certificate in 2015, in order to achieve a qualitative improvement path in all its functional areas, both productive and business management. It also represents a requirement of reliability and professionalism, which qualifies it in a relationship with its customers.


UNI EN ISO 3834 certification, “Quality requirements for melting welding of metallic materials“, dictates the fundamental criteria to be followed to evaluate the quality of welding processes, both in workshop and in the construction site.

The fundamental aim is to assure the purchaser of the manufacturer’s ability to provide a compliant welding.

By obtaining this important quality certificate, GFB proved that it has developed expertise and passion in iron and metal processing for decades.

CERTIFICATION EN 1090-2:2008 + A1:2011

Harmonized Standard EN 1090-2, “Execution of steel and aluminum structures“, concerns the conformity assessment of factory production control of structural components in steel and aluminum ,used for the construction of steel and mixed steel structures.

The standard is aimed at companies that put on the market structural metal products and its field of application is very wide: it includes steel and aluminum components used in warehouses, in frames for residential or office buildings, in steel and concrete bridges, in viaducts, in pylons, in stadiums and in large exhibition spaces.

The elements can be used directly in works or be incorporated into them after assembly.

GFB has received this important certification because it has always carried out its work according to high standards, with the aim of guaranteeing maximum safety.


OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification ensures compliance with requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

It aims to make control, knowledge and awareness of all possible risks inherent in normal and extraordinary situations in the workplace, systematic for a company.

The certification is also based on the management of health and safety at work and requires organizations to improve continuously, thus providing all the interlocutors with a guarantee of compliance with specified security policies.

GFB has also embarked on the path aimed at migrating its OHSAS 18001: 2007 system to the new UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018, with verification by the certification body scheduled for September 2020.

Source: www.accredia.it | www.bureauveritas.it