Iron constructions

For more than a century serving agriculture, construction and industry.

The art of iron working, handed down from generation to generation, is an important legacy to be preserved over time.

GFB has made use of deep knowledge, which has transformed the most common “shop” of the locksmith into a cutting-edge company by joining modern technologies, well integrated in the engineering industry.

Operating in a modernly equipped factory, which occupies fully covered 1500 square meters, the company, which has 15 specialized workers now, has become able to meet both demands of private individuals and those of companies.


The secret of GFB Mechanical Forge is the continuous technological updating

and the consequent search for the highest quality.

Conducted by highly experienced owners, the company has gained ample market space, thanks to certified quality, precision,

design on specific customer request and equipment production for special processing.

GFB offers its experience for products’ improvement, using computer tools that guarantee rapid analysis, processing and planning.

After a detailed analysis, the company’s technical department is able to define the processing cycle, which can be divided into the following operations:

  • cutting of iron or shearing of metal sheets;
  • punching;
  • bending or drilling through the use of numerical control;
  • welding of the various components carried out by highly specialized personnel and organized for assembly outside the company;

Each product that enters the production cycle is accompanied by documentation process,

continuously updated according to the quality control reports.

At the end of the cycle, all the products are tested by a careful quality control system.