Grizzly JL65 is not a simple rubber crawler tractor, but an innovative and very useful machinery in various sectors such as agriculture, construction and pipeline. To make it a real one of a kind!

Let’s see its peculiarities:

It has:

Furthermore, it allows to avoid the risk of overturning, thanks to the double support on the ground.

One of its peculiarities consists in transforming itself into a traveling workshop, capable of carrying:

Let’s now see, in detail, the different areas in which it operates and what it allows to transport.

1. Agricultural / forestry sector: it is useful for transporting wood

2. Construction sector: it is useful for transporting gravel

3. Pipeline sector: it is useful for transporting up to a maximum of 40 people

 Grizzly JL65 is versatile, practical, efficient, customizable and interchangeable! The news that 2019 offers us are: