Welding certification: quality comes first

GFB is a company that has been using its skills and passion to carry out iron and metalworking for decades. The quality and dedication it employs in its work has enabled it to receive many certifications. For example, one of them is the UNI EN ISO 3834 “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials” certification.


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What is UNI EN ISO 3834 certification

The European UNI EN ISO 3834 certification, issued by Accredia, is for those who work with welding.

In short, it understands the standards and ensures the requirements on welding quality for fusion of metallic materials.

That is, it is based on rules found in the:

  • CE Regulation 765/2008;
  • International Standard ISO/EIC 17011.

Therefore, it aims to demonstrate a controlled and reliable welding process.

So the task of this certificate is simple. It wants to assure the customer about the manufacturer’s competence to provide a product whose welding is compliant.

Finally, the certification is valid for three years. If desired, it can be renewed for another three years.

What does the certificate guarantee

UNI EN ISO 3834 certification guarantees the abilities of those certified to carry out certain processes and in certain specific locations.

Accordingly, one can receive this certification by paying attention to specific principles.

The criteria to be followed are:

  • Ensure the competence of the verified person/company.
  • Ensure the adherence of proper control of the welding process;
  • Present a method to demonstrate the ability to manufacture quality products;
  • Assure buyers of the conformity and quality of products manufactured;
  • Specify quality requirements for welding in workshops and construction sites;
  • Provide the tools needed to evaluate the dexterity of a fabricator and the personnel used;
  • Verify the method used for the creation and control of manufactured products made by heat filler welding with and without filler metal;
  • Ensure that the fabrication phase of the artifact is feasible. It must refer to the specifications in the design;
  • The processing of components must be done by ensuring the safety of those working on them and the end customers.
  • Employ appropriate techniques that enable good product quality.

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